Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Bell makes double, no, triple figures!

Canny young man / rodent faced gimp that IR Bell. He probably had a few disturbed nights worrying about his place in the test squad next week, so asks permission to go away and practise in a county match against Gloucester. What good did that do? 3? Nope. 24? Nope. 68? Nope, but closer. 124? Keep going! 215? Yes that's the one, have a biscuit. Bizarrely only his 5th ton at Edgbaston and a double at that. What excellent timing that was. Seems no chance of him not starting next week now.

He loves it when a plan comes together.

He also loves it when that woman on that video falls over and gets carried off on the luggage carousel on You've Been Framed, but then he is from Coventry, so you've got to let him has his little problems.

Oh and Trotty got 160 not out too. Kick, and indeed, Ass.


Anonymous said...

Rodent???? Better not visit Un-Bell-ievable in the Other Place then, Spig, where IRB is officially HOT.

Plus - just because you've started a new job - no slacking please -where's our quiz?

Anonymous said...

I am outraged regarding your comments about people from Coventry as I too hail from that fair city.

Mind you that bit in You've Been Framed is absolutely HILARIOUS.

Spigot said...

No Mel, you're clearly not from Coventry, you don't have a limp... right?

I spent 7 years in Coventry (Earlsdon), assaulted twice (Hillfields), not a bad record I guess.

I do need to do a quiz I guess. no time for it right now, they take an awfully long time. Maybe a simple bum is a safer option after all!

Anonymous said...

No limp Spig (well, not since I got the built up shoe, anyway).

Only two assaults? You got off lightly.