Tuesday, 8 July 2008

ICC vs world government

Today the G8 group of countries collectively met and formally rejected the legitimacy of the newly re-elected Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe. Since the meeting adjourned there have been further statements from the UK and other countries pushing forward the desire to impose financial sanctions upon him, his government and that absurdly narrow tache thing on his top lip. Maybe he has an obscenely deep and hard to groom philtrum. Maybe he things the ladies like it. I expect Ceci does. Either way it currently seems actively likely that such sanctions may be implemented by the end of next week.

Prior to this, the Incontinent Cretin Club got together to discuss how best to not rock any metaphorical boats in any metaphorical harbours, especially the BCCI's what with how they run the place. Thanks to being archaic it was, unlike the real world, workably impossible for them to impose anything upon ZC, not even going straight to bed without warm milk, or having to play in their pants an vests. Had they previously filed a motion the previous year to the effect of excluding them then they would have been in serious doo doo as they'd have had to dig really really REALLY deep into the old codes to find a rule that stops them doing what everyone else wants them to do.

Big people 519/8d, ICC 13/10


Anonymous said...

I loathe the bastard and his philtrum Spig, and I despise the snivelling ICC and it's about time the G8 mob did something useful rather than bloody waffle and never actually agree on anything (unless it is to set targets for when all the old tossers that are there are long dead and buried).

Spigot said...

It could be pleasantly ticklish, who knows... Sorry if you has strong feelings in this, but i *had* to pick on someone, and I think mims gets plenty...