Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Stuffy old gits wreck T20 semi

So this young dude, Rafeeq, doesn't have a UK passport. As such the first semi on Monday was called off. Don't get it. Why didn't they just play anyway and worry about the consequences later? If Yorkshite are let off then the result stands whatever, if they are guilty and chucked out, then either Durham get a bye or they replay against Notts or Taff Utd. Either way a game would have taken place, probably of a very high quality, and all fans, especially those who made the trip, would have got their monies worth. Instead we got an empty northern hovel to look at (pictured)

Postponing just before start was surely *THE* worst outcome save for a live spanking of the guilty board members. In the dodgy match the nipper bowled 2 overs @ 9 in an innings that average 6.8rpo. Took no catches. Didn't bat. Presumably stood on the point boundary and got cold. He was, by all accounts, a hindrance, not a help in any real way.

This again seems to be an example of old gits not having a clue how to deal with real life scenario's... Sure it's against the rules, but a bit of pragmatism wouldn't hurt once in a while would it? Ack!

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