Sunday, 29 June 2008

Jim Troughton: NOT a serial killer

Jim Troughton is NOT a serial killer, despite visual evidence to the contrary. And the wire.

He has never been found guilty of even one single murder allegation, let alone all 12 of them.

Indeed no legal charges have ever been bought at any level of the law, and it is a vicious and wholly unfounded and libellous slur to suggest that he was the one that did it in any way whatsoever.

it wouldn't stick anyway he's far too clever, and a law from 1814 says that it didn't count in the first place as it was on the Sabbath and he had a badger under his arm.

And they were probably asking for it... bloody nuns.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm Jim has lovely eyes. A lady killer possibly Spig

Anonymous said...

If Jim's a ladykiller may I volunteer to be one of his victims?

sameer said...

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