Saturday, 28 June 2008

So long NZ, so long Tim

Bar a few deprived third world nations, the New Zealand tour is finally over!!!!

[ This space intentionally left blank for thoughts of ticker tape parades, fanfairs and biscuits (biscuits are good, why not?) ]

Coupled with the England tour to Middle Earth, it's been a long long long 6 months. Over that time we've seen England scrape through in the long stuff, and generally under perform in the short stuff. Most wins actually seemed to be down to one side losing, rather than the others winning. I'll soon forget all about it I'm sure though, only to be left with memories of that tooth and Jesse Ryder being a prat. The one other thing that will be left in my mind is also to be the coming one and going of two more wicket keepers.

Mustard was cast aside because Peter Moores found yet another a new toy, but that new toy's batteries seem to be made by Duraseal, Evenready or Energreaser and ran out as soon as the turbo button was pressed. Sorry to drag on that metaphor, but I guess it's possible that the batteries may be replaced, but even when they when they were new out the box, 21 catches in 24 innings doesn't set the world alight, and today's obscene drop of How seemed to be something of a nail in Tim's ODI coffin after an utterly dismal series with the bat. I reckon we're going to see someone change at least for the ODI's, and it doesn't seem that a keeper should need to be changed between formats.

And what did poor old Chris Read do wrong in the first place? He was sent away to improve with the bat and he jolly well did, and then ust dissapeared again. The Colonel also has a similar epitaph, but he can wait his turn while the best glove man in the country gets brought back into the fold. Please?


Anonymous said...

I am with you on the Chris Read bit - want the Colonel left at Durham to get all his form back (is getting much better with the bat - was in grim form at the beginning of the season)

Think the batting combination of Shah's MAD staring eyes at one end and Read's MADDER staring eyes at the other will be enough to make young Steyn run home to his mum and Andre will be so ashamed that his eyes are no longer the MADDEST that he will bowl dibbly dobblies.
We'll still get walloped though

Spigot said...

Well I'd welcome Tim back, he's a great batsman in county, and worth a few shortcomings with the gloves, esp as Tony Frost, who's come out of retirement to fill his little shoes was the reason we lost on friday in the T20 thanks to his stupid of Trotty.

and Read *really* knows how to lose a tooth and take it on the chin, metaphorically and literally. He's been a pretty darn good captain at notts by all accounts too.