Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Pillocks pointing in pictures

Before I started this very blog that you are reading now with your own eyes (unless you are being read it, or they aren't your own eyes - maybe you found some spare ones) I'd frequently thought about a blog recording photos of people pointing at their mate. That combination of face and finger that say "hey hey, this is my mate the beer monster, he's mental!!!!!" or some such drivel. I no longer need to bother, as the ultimate photo has been found, featuring a complete pillock and a West Indian man in a dress.

"Oh hey, there's a native looking stupid! That'll make a great photo opportunity to make me look even more of the voice of the working man. Not sure if this layabout works though. I wouldn't employ him, that's for sure. Anyway, my photographer's ready now so I suppose I have to touch him. Smile. Don't stop smiling, I'll just hold my breath until it's over."



Anonymous said...

I think they're both laughing at the fact that this is the outfit the England team will wear when playing the All Stars (who will be in dull old white with woolly pullies) in November

Miriam said...

I thought the purpose of pointing was so that you couldn't be cropped out of the picture.