Thursday, 19 June 2008

Edgbaston Spectator: My Story.

VERY VERY VERY VERY DARK AND RAINYAs I have a real picture which I really took myself I feel duty bound to add to the column inches about the mess that I watched yesterday as the exact fan that was hard done by.

It was miserable in general. I spent a good half hour waiting in a taxi queue to get down to the ground, then at least 15 stuck in traffic getting there and all this time I was still trying to be hopeful that they'd have a go at starting in the morning. When I, in full kid in a candy store mode, bounded up the steps of the priory stand hoping my personal hope would flow forth onto the pitch I still felt lucky, but obviously it wasn't to be.

From that initial dissapointment it's then 3.5 hours of nada, zip, nothing. no, sorry Ross Taylor and A N Other surfaced out of the marina and held a rugby ball and then walked off again.

Covers come off. That's a good thing. Finally 2:21 comes (oh yes, that acurate) and with a nice clear pitch infront of us they announce that a TwentyNine29 will start in 39 minutes time. 39 minutes? it's ready. 15 minutes of running about the field maybe, then get on with it. Already they clearly could have got at least 15 minutes more play right there and then, and as reported it kept in that vein.

It kept on like that it seemed until the powers that be realise that they've only played 24 overs so far today. And if they don't get out soon (by 6:06 at 5:45) then the match statistically can't get a result, therefore... and here's the killer... they're still in 50% refund territory. WOooooooooooooooooooOOOOOsh out the come in record time for the NZ innings and as if my magic there's 25 overs. Goodbye refund by 4 minutes. Hello justified but still whining Kiwi's and collywobbles pretending it wasn't timewasting.

One of the things I will now remember for ever was hearing Jeremy Coney talking about rule 43 on my Sky/TMS earpieces (s = I had two and a sports radio with me. Be prepared) was that day one of being an umpire is rule 43 - common sense. How can formally agreed regulations not be overruled if ALL officials AND BOTH TEAMS agree to do so? Cobblers to formal regulations if no one involved agrees with them given the factors affecting them.

So as the very fan Botham and Boycs continually try to stand up for, whatever their playing days may give away about their real opinions, I was annoyed. This was the ONE full day of cricket I could afford to go to this year. just the one, and I was going to be a great day. And whilst the weather is no ones fault apart from the Swiss, so so much more could have been done to mitigate it.


Anonymous said...

"Goodbye refund by 4 minutes"

Spiggy thahahat's teeheerrible really appaahahalling - youhahahar one gamhaeha ha of theeeeee heeeee yearhahaha andha it's ruinheeed? Dreahhhhhhhaaaadful.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine was at the same match and told a similar tale. However, she tells me that the day was not completely lost as Nasser Hussain said hello to her.

Perhaps if you too had exchanged greetings with a former England captain you would not be so glum?

Spigot said...

ceci, I'm not sure what to make of that. I'm erring on the side of poking you in the eye though.

Well I didn't meet a former England captain in person, but when I got home I said goodnight to a future one. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Miriam said...

My best friend from home said hello to Nasser Hussain in a supermarket once. She made a comment about low oppressive ceilings. Looking back on it I'm not sure that she had prepared fully for this encounter.