Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Too many Daves

5-0 down, with 2 more to lose. And it really does seem like an odd squad in general. An opener who you happily put down to bat at 9 the next match. flip flopping between your no. 3 and 4... There have been many cries in the press for bringing back in guys like Bresnan and Macarena. The more I see the squad the more I see why they are not in the line up.

Their name isn't Dave.

Peter Moores seems to like Daves. Everyone likes Dave. Everyone needs a mate called Dave to help "sort things" and drink them under the table. Since he's filled Norman Stanley Fletcher's shoes there have been many new additions, particuarly to the ODI lineup:

Dave Prior - Knows this guy who can get you some cheap DVD's by the Aldi carrier bag full.
Dave Bopara - Well we all know he can bosh up a sweet little shed in no time.
Dave Wright - Innit.
Dave Shah - Please, it's actually David. But erm, yes, I admit I am aware of other fellows with which to converse about canines.
Dave Swann - Ahh I was down Chimpys wiv Bongo and Nudge the other day, man what a geezer... middle of the joint he pulls out his........
Dave Patel - Geeeeeeezer!

Ever felt a face just didn't fit regardless of performance? Definitely a case of too many Daves and no real idea of what to do with them. A squad that seems to be built out of individuals and their county stats rather than a cohesive team with clear roles. I never liked seeing Bresnan, Mahmood or James Arbuthnot Dalrymple in an England, what with them being general wet blankets. But a whole heap of Dave's surely isn't working out.

And I get to link to this too. Because I say so.


Damith S. said...

lol, i agree with the lack of a team effort with eng.

everyone seems to be happy to do what they were sent out to india to do, but they are not functioning as a team.

for a start they have no idea what their batting line up should be, all 5 matches they have tinkered with it and its failed almost at all times.

collingwood and bell have to go and i think luke wright and dimitri need to be brought into to add a lil omph to the team.

right now england are boring and predictable and india are just all over them.

SixSixEight said...

England are a bunch of luke warm ninnies - they need a collective attitude transplant. And some removal of shed mentality.

KP just needs a brain that can figure out what the short form is all about, and how to whip it into shape.

Dave - I thought it was Chavi Bopara the man with the shed.

Note also - Broad pays the price for getting a haircut.

SixSixEight said...

India all over us? they are the form side!
And now I pay the price for staying up late and watching dodgy vids on blogsites - I am doomed to repeat the Dave song over and over in my head....will I get any sleep now?

Spigot said...

you want to get Kids In The Hall out of your head? try this...

Anonymous said...

Bless you Spiggy - I haven't seen/heard/thought of the Kids in the Hall for years and you've made me well up with nostalgia for Canada's finest.

I'd be interested to hear if you have any other collective forenames for various cricketing sides.