Sunday, 16 November 2008

I'm a man, yes I am. But only just.

Well I just scraped through but (at least as of this moment in time) I'm offically male according to

Straight point - 98%
Cricket With Balls - 92%
King Cricket - 85%
Spun out - 80%
Republique Cricket - 77%
Miss Field - 55%
Erm... me - 50%

Originally Miss Field came out at 98%, which seemed about right, but I missed the - out of the address (and actually Class 3F's blog, which makes it even odder).

I was feeling pretty ashamed of my rating here until...

"We guess is written by a woman (55%), however it's quite gender neutral."

Phew, I didn't come last.


Miss Field said...

What? I'm more of a man than a man who writes a blog called 4.5 inches of wood?

Where did it all go so wrong?

straight point said...

i waited for my result as one waits nervously for hiv test result...and thank god i am 98% male... :)

Anonymous said...

"We think is written by a man (80%)"

I think AYALAC must have confused the algorhythm with his 'Name that bum' feature.

Spigot said...

Astrid, your facebook profile suggests you are more of a man than me... much better facial hair.

Original post updated... Sorry to have missed you out guys!

SixSixEight said...

Well Nightwatchgirl comes out as more of a man than most!

written by a man
Nightwatchgirl 84%
Thewisdencricketer 72% 60%

Spigot you come closer to our caring sharing county cricketers [combined Compton/Will Smith/James Foster].

Having contributed very little to King Cricket I'm not sure where I am in their 85%!!

Miriam said...

Damn, must put up some more cat posts.

Spigot said...

Isn't it great how much fun - sorry, highly informative scientific insight - a vowel counter, or whatever it actually is, can give on a dull Sunday.

I was thinking about trying to adapt it to accept limbs as well as URLs. Not sure what KP's limp wrist would come out at...

oh Mims, the cat has gone again... fickle thing.

Unknown said...

76% for Beer and Sport, will have to up the chauvinism a few notches.

btw 4.5", fancy a link swap to ? It'll help in your quest to man-up.

Damith S. said...

This Sri Lankan is 87%, I think thats pretty accurate.

Maybe my excessive posts on Ajantha Mendis lost me a few pts.

We think is written by a man (87%).

Brat said...

The Cheap Seats are 80% male... Not bad for a sparky and a sports brat. (who are of course both female)

Q said...

We think is written by a man (82%).

How can they even tell in a second?

The Atheist said...

Glad to see that some finally recognises AYALAC as all woman.

The Nightwatchgirl said...

Bloody hell! This is a worrying state of affairs. NWG can confirm that she is unequivocally of the female variety. Promise.