Monday, 27 October 2008

KP and Harmy sitting in a tree

During the nice little knock around in that old mans back garden last night I mentioned to Mrs Spigot how odd it seems that Harmison is now a shoe-in for the T20 squad when his runny tummy clears up, despite him previous running from the white ball and generally being a miserable git for the last 18 months. She reasoned it must have come from KP's dynamic new captaincy. I think the exact words were "Harmison probably said 'I'll play long as I can do you in the changing rooms first'".

Out of the mouths of... somethings.

She mightn't know a beamer from a full toss, but she's certainly latched on to something in her head, all coming from KP saying Miserable Steve is "my man".


Anonymous said...

He's my man KP so back off.. Plus of course he has bowled some pretty hot stuff in all forms of the game for CHAMPIONS Durham. Hurrah! We're going to kick some sorry Bear arses next season

Spigot said...

Shooting myself in the foot somewhat, you do know what a "bear" is in other, more adult, circles right? Probably not good to talk about arses and bears in the same sentence. Google will get all the wrong conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side, Spiggy - you could increase your readership significantly. Bet George Michael's got Bear and Arse on google alert.

Anonymous said...

Reckon KP will need some comforting after that humiliating 98 v Mumbai!

How about a link exchange mate?

Already added you to my blog list.