Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Promotion gubbins

Warwickshire are going back up to Div1 after just one season of standing in the corner staring at the floor! Well done boys, especially the Frosty, who's gone from deputy assistant bucket holder to Steve Rouse to standing in with the gloves for Tiny Tim, and ending up a very very attractive #3 for the rest of the season, with a 242* last week helping to outright secure promotion.

But should they actually be promoted? Is there really a need for a default promotion and relegation between the divisions? With all these points being thrown around, should they not be being used to decide on promotions and relegation, rather than outright positions? Looking at the tables with some teams still yet to finish all their matches we have...

Surrey. Poor buggers. Now they were, going by the official metrics rather than Jrod's opinions, shabby. They are going to probably 30 points adrift of the next worst team. They clearly deserve to go down. If only for that terrifying picture of Ramps painted up like something that belongs in formaldehyde at Christies. No wonder he's looking to jump ship now.

The two WCCC's. Similarily, they have ended with genuine clear air between themselves and the rest. Northants still might close that gap to around 10 points if they win, but Warwickshire are just so nailed on to add at least 10 more of their own, they'll still look great. Worcestershire meaning have bagised 2nd to themselves, but maybe not by quite as much as they'd like.

Just about everyone else in Div1. Here's the main issue as I see it. There's only 5 points between #5 and #8. That looks like a fairly close competition, and as such does any one of those teams actually deserve to go down? I'd expect whoever that is to bounce up again next year (in exchange for Worcs hopefully.)

So shouldn't there be something more intelligent, something more David Barry shaped to define how many teams should go up or down? Indeed if each divisions only had 20 points from top to bottom, why promote anyone at all?


Anonymous said...

Well argued, Spigot - as someone with a soft spot for Surrey, I totally agree that there's no need whatsoever for any promotion/relegation gubbins this year.

(Lovely to see you back, btw)

Spigot said...

Yeah, erm... I'm more than happy for Surrey to go down in exchange to T'Bears thankyouplease.

And thanks. I've been working 80 hours weeks for too long, we'll see if I can make time for this stuff...

Anonymous said...

Just one to go up and one to go down. That would suit me as Surrey would still be stuffed and Warwicks can go down again next year anyway

Your wood has been missed greatly Spig

Damith S. said...

You should get some Sri Lankans to become the adminstrocrats up in England.

See our div 1 team got relegated and then just before the start of the season they said they wont be.

18 of the 20 teams now will boycott the whole season lol!

ps how about a link exchange mate.
already added you.

Damith S. said...