Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The Chris Read New Hat Appeal

King Cricket Wrote:

Chris writes:

“This bugged me last season and it seems it’s going to continue to bug me this season too. Can I suggest a whip round to buy him a new hat? That’s what, a tenner? So £2 per King Cricket reader.”

That was my writing, and that's my photo taken of my Sky+ box on my crappy TV on my Nokia N73, so I'm taking it back. nerrr. I have to fill this page somehow.

So as was pointed out, the buy has been whoring himself out to the ICL for a while now, and can always sell off his england caps if they are indeed physical hats (recalls a photo of Ambrose getting one from the devil man....) so why the insistance on keeping this tatty old thing going? Maybe it's lucky? Not that they won anything for a while. Maybe it helps keep Swann at arms length with some mystical powers... Something tells me I'll never find out the answer to this, one of the worlds most pressing issues.

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