Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Adrian back from the IPL

So Adrian Macarena is back from the IPL. I really hope he's glad to have been able to have such a magic experience doing his allrounder magic in front of 55,0...

oh... really....?

So he didn't actually get a game. Not one. Did he even get to carry drinks? I know not, as I think I lost interest in actually watching the IPL commentary online at about game 19. But well, good on you Dimi, hope you get over the Delhi Belly soon enough. Only bowler to not take a Surrey wicket today, maybe you were too worried about getting carried away with the celebrations. All that white clothing and nowhere to hide...


OK, so erm.. yeah seems he did play one - 9 runs, 2 wickets. *ahem* I think that means a am finding IPL even more boring than I thought without Setanta.

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