Sunday, 3 May 2009

How rubbish do Sky think your county is?

In the time honoured tradition of throwing statistics at just about anything related to willow planks, when feeling annoyed how few Warwickshire games are being televised this year I thought I'd create a chart!

Why do Sky clearly hate Derb... Leices...Nort... Durham? No idea, nothing blidnly obvious as far as I know, unlike some. Maybe Murdoch had his money on Notts for the LVCC last year? it's not like we'll win anything this year, and probably not get to be written in the box currently containing "TBC" much either, so maybe we'd get one extra match televised? Meanwhile Notts counties like Lancs will probably pick up a sack load of extras...

I'm trying to see an anti-north thing here, Somerset get a truck full, including their recent humiliation by Durham over 4 days. but Lancs get loads, with Yorkiedoodles close behind, so sadly I don't think I can say that they're *that* racist. Does look like they're trying to get the moneys worth within the big city though, with Middlesex and Surrey coming up well. Are they officially prettier sides?

Does this mean that I actually have to go to Edgbaston in person?? Oh the humanity!

Anyway. Have a chart on a nice Sunday morning.


SixSixEight said...

Yes they have loved Middlesex and the Lankys for years. Durham got a 4 dayer this year - shock horror! So they have gone up in Sky's estimation and they still hate them! Just another reason not to spend money on Sky!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the answer is to complain. Originally Yorkshire only had four games, but I, and a number of others, wrote to sky about it and now there are six.

Spigot said...

Well Durham / Somerset just felt like a token gesture space filler. To me if it's not a massively critical end of season match then any LVCC on the tellybox feels like it.

Maybe I should write to Sky. Just give T'Bears some of Gloucestershires slots. Last two years it was always Spearman, Postman Pat Ratfaceman2 and co. every other week.