Thursday, 16 April 2009

Andy Foreigner FTW!!!!!11

Andy Flower is, as expected, the new England Coach. Seems that Strauss didn't want a Coach role at all, more a team manager, but daren't say so to the press. Either way, good luck to him. Please.

This appointment is important, right? It's a widely held belief that the coach is responsible for form and results to a level where he (or she, or it) is held more accountable for failures in a team than the goons holding the lumps of willow themselves.

So with that established, how is it logical that that person is allowed to not be of the nationality of the team? If it's so critical then that surely means that it is significantly representative of the country in question, so how can Johnny foreigner be allowed that job?

Seems to be even more so the case with Association Football, where out national team had a Swede, then a Brit (for national pride to be restored) and then when national pride was seen to be a sack of poop, he was given the elbow and replaced with an... Italian? Or is he Spanish? Not sure. When England failed to get in that Euro tournament the other year, the manager got the boot, not the players.

Anyway, seems I'm just saying the same thing again and again so I'll stop.. but isn't it just a little weird logically??


Unknown said...

The question is which English coach could turn the rabble into a winning combination? Just had Moores who was considered one of the best county coaches and he was pants. Most of the leading candidates are foreigners, just like in association football.

Will Flower be as good as Fletcher? I dont think so. They need to make some major changes to the whole setup, like Pietersen was attempting, but the board wont stand for it. So the losing will continue.

Spigot said...

Well that could be the question, but can you imagine asking similar questions...?

What do we do for our Number 3 when Sarwan retires?

Where do we go to find a keeper since Gilchrist retired?

We'll be real shafted when Murali goes...

Daft questions, no?

Ceci said...

Are you on the pop Spig?

Unknown said...

Ceci I can imagine this is the kind of earnest discussion that goes in at ECB HQ.

cricketanalysisdotcom said...

I think Flower will be a solid coach, simply because he seems to be the type that will stay under the radar and keep his mouth shut. But the best way for England to improve is to get better players.

Unknown said...

Quite right. With a captain and coach now who both know how to keep their mouth shut the future of the national team could not possibly be any brighter. The opposition will be no match for England's solid and sensible leadership.

Spigot said...

I see no reason to assume he won't be good. As long as him and the Straussinator are clear on their own roles and responsibilities outside of the job titles then here's hoping.