Wednesday, 7 January 2009


A mere 5 months and already another one bites the dust. Yesterday I was thinking how funny it would be if that happened, which it clearly wouldn't. This morning all the bloody discussions will start all over again. KP has quit as England captain (both forms of course) and unless the ECB appoint someone pretty chuffing quickly, then all the nominations of Rob Key and other has-beens will start again.

Ashes, it was nice thinking we might know you.

Most people would be inclined to go for Andrew "Cricket saved me from becoming an accountant" Strauss, which on the test side seems a pretty fair bet. Someone nice and dull who's doing OK. That would though raise that bloody awful split captaincy gubbins again though, and prior to Colly getting the nod, the only other dude in the frame was KP anyway. Let's go for oooh Prior.. yeah that's a great idea, let's stop all possible discussions of shitty keeping coming back by forcing a selection of a keeper regardless of form.

Sorted. Respect due.

But you know what hurts most? I had to find out from Sarah From Canterbury's Facebook status. Teach me to play mp3's in the car on the way to work for the first time in a year. (Kings of Leon - Only by the night btw...)


Anonymous said...

It warms the cockles to know that you heard it from me, Chris!

Anonymous said...

Kings of Leon? Bit mainstream for you, isn't it? I would have put money on you saying that they'd gone downhill since Youth and Manhood and weren't worth listening to any more.

Spigot said...

Nah, they're great. Aha Shake Heartbreak was still the high, and there's a bit of Snow Patrol factor to the new album - it's very heavily produced and so easy to listen to (after a few times) which makes me think I should be careful...

Also been listening to the new Death Cab For Cutie album, Narrow Stairs, if that makes up for it - go listen to "No Sunlight" on youtube. NOW.

Unknown said...

Exactly why is KP gone? Without Moores there it would seem that he would be able to put in place his blueprint for success and world domination. At least they should have given it a go and reassess after the Ashes.

Seems like ECB is just too scared of a few dissenters in the "dressing room". There were also a few dissenters in the "dressing room" when Graeme Smith took over in SA, but through his heroic leadership they have slain the medusa which bestrode cricket. Perhaps, KP could have used a little more diplomacy in making his point, though the details of that are hazy.

So, English cricket is now in a position where it is in danger of appointing another geek coach who is out of sync with the team, and together with a makeshift captain, is set to battle for the middle ranks with Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Rishabh said...

I had actually foreseen this ever since the end of the England - India ODI series. There relation always looked in trouble.

Anyways, I am a bit new to blogging. I have added your blog to my blog roll. I hope you won't mind adding my blog -

Keep writing awesome posts like these!