Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Sign up!

Today I did two things, both of which seemed, at the time, to be a matter of life and death, due to the rest of the day being on an IT training course I wanted to escape. These two things were:

1) Bought Warwickshire CCC membership for 2009
2) Bought T20 finals day tickets

I would suggest that you, yes you, should do something similar soon too. Warwickshire have introduced a chuffing handy membership level this year of an "associate", which is basically for house bound old boys or well... me this year.

Well, there are a lot of Tiny Tim photos in there, and it wipes clean quite wellHaving just acquired a second child I have little chance to go to many matches this year, but as I had already bought Ashes members tickets I had to be a member still in order to use the things! As it turns out though £50 gives be membership with no included entry to Bears domestic fixtures but all the rest of the shiny things such as Beyond The Boundary! This is one seriously classy magazine, as you can clearly see for yourself. It's shiny, and very occasionally the articles in it aren't amazingly thinly veiled adverts for their sponsors.

The sexiest bit of all of this though, is that with the good lady wife and myself going to the Ashes and T20 finals day mean that I've already saved £60 on ticket prices. Woaaahhhh there Leslie! Oh yeah, you heard me... but... That's *already* a £10 return on the membership fees! I could go into business with this tasty little thing I've found. The club finance dudes are going to flip when they find out! Hope this doesn't affect the redevelopment plans that the Tory counsellors are pouring scorn over.

Have you done the same with your near by grotty northern, or snooty southern, clubs? If you actually ARE me, then yes you have. If not, I don't know. Go find out!


Damith S. said...

Well, I feel inspired, I would do this, If I were in England.

Seems like you hooked on to a good deal there. Well done !

Anonymous said...

If only I'd stayed in Coventry I could have taken advantage of this opportunity. However, as it's a shit-hole I'm glad I moved (even if that does mean I live nearest to the Rosebowl now).

Is one of the Spiggy sprogs now sporting BTB as a nappy?

Spigot said...

Well I escaped Limpsville 3 years ago, so I'm fine out in the sticks near by.

(and your other suggestion was actually the intention mel...)